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How many beats were in that measure?

OK, was that 1-and-a or 1-eee-and? If you were in the Twin Cities area the past few weeks and heard the strange sound of rhythms beating on laps, desks, pencils clicking on music books or random counting out loud, never fear. Very likely you're hearing Twin Cities Bronze members studying their music and learning the difficult counting patterns for several pieces that landed in our books recently. We're breaking the mold - the traditional four beats to a measure is so rock 'n roll and over played on the radio. Songs get a lot more interesting when unexpected rhythm hiccups are thrown into the counting mix. But yes, it means we have to study our music a lot more thoroughly.

We're on a tight schedule. The upcoming concert in Marshfield is just around the corner and we're finessing some songs for that concert, while at the same time trying to get others learned and more comfortable in our heads and our hands. Reports of ear worms (songs stuck in our heads) is becoming more and more frequent, but since we like the music, is just a slight annoyance that keeps us awake at night.