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Announcing... Twin Cities Bronze 2012 Ringers

OK, the grueling auditions are over. Every ringer’s nails have been bitten down the quick while eagerly anticipating the call. It’s been a slower start this season due to all the changes happening with Twin Cities Bronze, but we’re proud to finally announce the 2012 members who will be performing with the group. In alphabetical order, drumroll please:

  • Mark Anderson
  • Alyssa Boock
  • Deb Garvey
  • Kate Graber
  • Carla Helgeson
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Jeni Jonett
  • Amy Maakestad
  • Patti Munter
  • Deb Olsen
  • Bonnie Tranby

And of course, repeating old news, Amy Maakestad is the new artistic and music director, leading this group of enthusiastic and energized ringers off on a new chapter for Twin Cities Bronze.

Rehearsals start right away – there’s a lot of catching up to do with the delay of the season – so members of the group will be getting to know each other extremely well in rapid fashion. We already have one private engagement booked in April, and are working on scheduling other concerts throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned, and we’ll be sure to give more stories about new and returning ringers soon.