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Concert fun and rumors...

Saturday was the first concert for this new season at Fridley United Methodist Church, and the group kicked it off without a clink or a bang. In other words, it was a success. The church invited Twin Cities Bronze to perform as the entertainment prior to a salad luncheon. A few Twin Cities Bronze members stayed for the luncheon and received several compliments from concert attendees who commented that they had such a fun time listening to the pieces, and it was evident all the ringers were having fun.

It’s not a secret, we were having a blast. The concert featured a combination of new pieces, which were actually really old – or at least in handbell terms. Members of the group joked about how Twin Cities Bronze is celebrating the 80s with the number of pieces we performed that were printed prior to 1990, but we’re only refreshing the quality pieces that deserve to be resurrected.

During the pizza “get to know you” dinner following Sunday’s rehearsal , the discussion continued on how we could keep the 80s theme going with additional pieces that our new Artistic Director, Amy, might be able to arrange for some fun playing and listener entertainment. And from there, the discussion transferred into our new performance costuming. Of course, with nine different opinions from both genders, the end result was going to be brown velour tank tops. Just kidding of course, but we think we narrowed down our dislikes some. Stay tuned to find out how these rumors will turn out during the rest of the season.