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Bells are Good!

Bells are Good!  by Bonnie Tranby

Most everyone’s heard or seen the expression “’life is good!”  I’d like to take that in a bit of a different direction.  “Bells are good!”  Bonnie.jpg - 50.74 KBBonnie.jpg - 50.74 KB

I love my job.  I would wish for everyone to have a job that they truly love.  I teach elementary music to students in kindergarten through sixth grade in the Burnsville Public School District.  One of my great joys is watching that proverbial light bulb go off. “Oh, I get it now!”

What does this have to do with bells you might ask?  Well, I have handbells at my elementary school and we had just started a handbell unit.  We got out the bells, practiced our ringing, damping, and counting, and got to work.  We played through a song composed of simple chords that was written for very beginning ringers.  We finished, damped the last chord and one of the ringers in the middle of the group looked up with her eyes shining, a huge smile on her face and said, “Was that us?  Did we do that?”  Simple chords and handbells equal a reaction like that. How can you not love it? Bells are good!”

Twin Cities Bronze has an "Insights into Artistry" program that brings handbell educational opportunities to groups interested in working on their handbell skills.  We teach many classes throughout the day and one of the bass classes included bell assignments.  At the end of the day, attendees ring through a piece of music, using the skills they learned during the day.  At one workshop, the group got up to play through the music and the bass ringers raised their hands and said, “Just a minute, we’ll need a minute to assign our bass bells.”  When you hear and see people excited about what they are doing, you again realize – bells are good!

Twin Cities Bronze loves to perform.  We take opportunities to share our love of handbells with others.  One of my favorite reactions to a performance we had given was, “I came to your last concert with a friend of mine who doesn’t play handbells.  Well, after your last concert, she found a church with a handbell program and now rings handbells with them!”  Bell are good!

Twin Cities Bronze gives me the opportunity to improve my handbell skills, make beautiful music with beautiful people, educate others in the art of handbell ringing, and introduce handbells and handbell music to those who might not otherwise even know what a handbell is. Bells are good!