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Kick Off the Season!

Good to be back with Twin Cities Bronze!

After a lovely summer off following our Peak Season tour to the Area 11 festival on Loveland, Colorado, Twin Cities Bronze is back up and running! And we're glad to be back behind the tables with bells in our hands.

A quick summary of what happened on our tour:

  • * 2360 miles traveled in one 15 passenger van and one shuttle car.
  • * Five concerts performed in New Brighton, Des Moines, Lincoln, Laramie, and Loveland.
  • * Four seasons of weather experienced – in one day.
  • * We taught classes for just under 100 handbell ringers of all levels. Everything from never having rang a bell before to advanced.
  • * New connections and friendships made.

Check out our Facebook page to see the timely posts and some photos of our adventures.

Bronze Buzz will continue to update our plans for this year; including introducing a new ringer, joint concert opportunities, workshops hosted and presented by Twin Cities Bronze – and when and where you can attend our concerts. Stay tuned!