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"What did I get myself into?"

“What have I gotten myself into?”     -Patti Munter

I auditioned for Twin Cities Bronze because I wanted a challenge.  And that's what I got! 


In fact, the following was going through my mind as I drove home from my very first Twin Cities Bronze rehearsal, tears streaming down my face:

What have I gotten myself into this time?

How will I be able to keep up?

Everyone seems nice, but will I fit in?


That was over 10 years ago now. So, what did I get myself into?

·         I have been a member of a performing ensemble; this comes from someone who was so petrified at the beginning that it was an accomplishment to smile during a concert (I believe it took nearly a year for that to happen!).

·         I have been fortunate to travel to France, Canada and much of the United States (including Hawaii) doing something I absolutely love.

·         I have felt so much support from family and friends over the years, especially my parents who are loyal concert-goers (thanks, mom and dad).

·         I have learned much more than I ever thought possible about handbells and music in general from our fabulous directors Monica and Amy. I have played treble bells each of my 11 years in the group, but didn’t know how to play 4-in-hand when I started. I now assist in the treble class for Insights into Artistry.

·         I have gained confidence in my ringing ability, but also in life. I am completely different than the person who tried out so long ago.

·         I have performed on stage at Orchestra Hall many times with Doc Severinsen, The Minnesota Orchestra and Chorale for annual Christmas concerts. Although it's not the type of concert he would normally attend, my brother has been there every year. He tells me it's not every day he can go to Orchestra Hall to see me perform. I think he may be a little bit proud of his little sister.

·         And the best thing I got myself into is life-long friendships. Although we share the Twin Cities Bronze bond, I'm most proud and honored to have become friends with so many people outside of our shared love of handbells. I have traveled, attended weddings, played games and enjoyed meals with so many of my bell buddies and enjoyed every minute of it!


Not a bad list for someone who questioned everything about becoming a member of Twin Cities Bronze. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made.