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Bronze Buzz


It’s a word that has many meanings to members of Twin Cities Bronze. We just completed the National Showcase concert last night at Peace United Methodist Church in Shoreview. The audience was wonderful, and everyone had fun.

But Mother Nature was brutal: Temps on Wednesday hovered around 100 degrees, and while the air conditioning inside was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity, all ringers had a sheen of sweat going after the first song.

How cruel it was when Thursday morning arrived with low humidity and a forecast of 88 degrees after an incredibly long week of the intense and sticky heat. As one concert attendee put it – "We live in Minnesota. We deal with -40 degree wind chills every winter. That should give us a pass for the heat indexes in the summertime."

Even through the sweat, the energy levels were addicting. We performed the entire concert this time – starting 1.5 hours earlier helped to make sure all pieces fit into the 10 p.m. deadline. Our percussion friends from Orchestra Hall “rocked” in “Rytmus”, “Three, Four, Shut the Door” and “Five, Six, Pick up Sticks”. And “Fantasy Suite” (yes, we played all three movements straight through) tested our endurance in the heat, but the grand finish at the end of "Fantasy No. 3 in G minor" was glorious.

The final “phew” is attributed to the bell storage closet, which in recent weeks closely resembled a junk closet where you may be scared to open the door. Between the regular bells and equipment, the rented 2s, the doubling bells, the borrowed chime set and all the toys for “Songs for the Nursery,” we didn’t have room for anything else. After last night’s concert, the 2s are being sent back to Schulmerich, the toys are all going home with their respective ringers and our bell ringing friends at Peace will be able to access their equipment. Now we just need to figure out a permanent storage space for the three new tables we purchased.

Thankfully we have about a month off now to sit back, relax and recuperate. Or at least for some of us. Here's a “ringing” ovation to “Malec” (ringer Maggie Grube and her fiancé Alec Sonsteby) who are getting married in Oregon next month. Congratulations!