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Bronze Buzz

How much does one single sheet of music weigh?

No one has actually made the effort to weigh our music folders for the upcoming National Seminar concert - and while Monica says it's not the weight that matters, but the variety of songs - it still seems like we could each use a second binder. Phil Holst put it perfectly at Sunday night's (May 8) rehearsal: "Our folders have become obese."

And we're still waiting for two more pieces to make an appearance - one favorite repeat from a few years ago, and one newbie. The rumor of the newbie caught us by surprise. It's truly hot off the press. We're keeping a tight lip on it, but it's highly anticipated to be a lot of fun - something you won't want to miss!

As a side note, the ensemble record for a folder needing to be replaced - due to the high volume of music and frequent use - in one season is two. And that happenend last year. We won't name which ringer is so abusive - or maybe diligent in score study - to his/her folder. But this year might put more folders to the test.

We've also added additional rehearsals to the mix. And at each one, Monica throws a new idea our way to take home and work on. It keeps the at-home score study entertaining and challenging, and brings about plenty of discussions during rehearsals on who has what hand available to get what bell.