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Auditions–A Board Retreat–Associated Director Named-Moving Forward

Auditions – A Board Retreat – Associate Director Named - Moving Forward

...Linda Maloney

Auditions are complete!  Welcome back - Mark Anderson, Alyssa Boock, Deb Garvey, Kate Graber, Rachel Hirsch, Christopher Johnson, Jeni Jonett, Amy Maakestad, Patti Munter, Andy Schultz, and Bonnie Tranby.  We bid ‘adieu’ to retiring Deb Olson – who will serve in other capacities as her ‘retirement’ allows.  Welcome Becky Stever!!!  More about these ringers to come in “Bronze Buzz.”

The Board Retreat! Oh my! Over 15 hours of reviewing and planning, a new organization chart, a new Associate Director, hearing Amy’s exciting plans for the new season, looking forward. Many good things!  If you haven’t signed up for the eNewsletter, do it now!  A link is available on our webpage www.twincitiesbronze.org   We post frequently on FaceBook and Twitter.  ‘Friend’ and ‘Follow Us!’


Bonnie has been ringing handbells since 1986; ringing with Twin Cities Bronze since 2004.  Bonnie is skilled in all areas of handbells and has taught classes in bass bells, treble bells, bell trees and processionals, working with young ringers, and rhythm at the local and national level.

When not ringing with Twin Cities Bronze, Bonnie rings with her church choir at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN.  She directs three youth choirs at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Apple Valley.  She started a handbell program at Edward Neill Elementary in Burnsville where she has been teaching music since 1999.  Bonnie was chosen Teacher of the Year at her school by her fellow teachers in 2014.

Bonnie earned her Music Education degree from North Dakota State University (go Bison!) in Fargo, ND and her Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership from Southwest Minnesota State University. 

She is excited to work with Twin Cities Bronze, particularly in the areas of education and outreach - as "Insights Into Artistry - the Mobile Classroom" launches soon - and Twin Cities Bronze 'adopts' a college choir in a mentoring/coaching capacity.  Congratulations, Bonnie!

I can’t imagine a day in my life without doing something on behalf of Twin Cities Bronze. I can’t imagine a day in my life when I don’t have a thought about Twin Cities Bronze. I can’t imagine a day in my life when I have not had communication with someone about Twin Cities Bronze. Does that make me a Twin Cities Bronze ‘geek?’  Probably…and that’s perfectly fine with me.

And why is this ‘perfectly fine with me?’  Because of the people associated with Twin Cities Bronze.

Joe (St. Joe) and Monica McGowan

The Twin Cities Bronze Alumni

Casting of Bronze

The Board of Directors

Friends of Twin Cities Bronze

Amy Maakestad and the Ensemble

This 'interest in' and 'passion for' Twin Cities Bronze has lead me to where I am now – the President of the Board of Directors.  Great things are happening!  Fasten your seatbelts!  An amazing Twin Cities Bronze season is underway!  YOU are a part of this!  I look forward to seeing you/meeting you at our events and concerts.

Ring Well, Friends!